Examples of Multiple Choice History Questions and Answers

Sample Questions on the History of the Formation of the Earth (Geography Class 10) Multiple Choice and Answers – Earth as a planet where living things have been formed and developed in a very long time, where a lot of energy and processes occur.

Earth Surface Formation Theory

1. Contraction Theory
The theory of contraction was put forward by James Dana (1847) and Elie de Baumant (1852), this theory states that the earth’s crust is shrinking due to cooling in the interior of the earth due to heat conduction. Shrinkage causes the earth’s surface to become uneven. This theory has received criticism from several other experts where they argue that the earth will not experience a very drastic decrease in temperature that causes the formation of mountains and valleys.
2. Laurasia-Gondwana theory
The Laurasia-Gondwana theory was put forward by Eduard Zuess and Frank Taylor, this theory states that at first there were two continents at the two poles of the earth, namely the continents of Laurasia and Gondwana (South America, Africa, and Australia). The two continents then moved slowly towards the equator and experienced a split as it is formed today.
3. Continental Drift Theory
The theory of continental drift was proposed by Alfred Wagner in 1912 in his book Origin of the Continental’s and Ocean’s. Wagner suggested that the formation of the earth’s surface was caused by continental drift. According to Wagner, the Earth’s surface initially consisted of only one continent (Pangea) and one ocean (Panthalassa). The continent then shifted slowly towards the equator and west until it reached its current position.
4. Convection Theory
The convection theory explains that convection flows in a vertical direction in a rather thick asthenosphere layer. This flow affects the earth’s crust above it. Convection flow that propagates into the earth’s crust causes the rocks of the earth’s crust to become soft, so that the motion of the flow from within causes the earth’s surface to be uneven.
5. Plate Tectonic Theory
The theory of plate tectonics was put forward by McKenzie and Robert Parker, this theory of plate tectonics is a theory of refinement of previous theories. Continental shift, seafloor shift and convection theory as a single concept. Earth’s crust and lithosphere floating on top of the asthenosphere are considered as one interconnected plate.
Examples of Multiple Choice History Questions and Answers Ganda

1 – 10 Examples of Multiple Choice History Questions and Answers

1. The process of formation of the Solar System according to the theory of Kant – Laplace fog is . . .

A. The explosion of a single mass that is very dense and hot

B. There is a hot and slow spherical mist spinning, getting faster and faster

C. A mist with a cold core swirls rapidly and freezes

D. There is an attractive force between the nuclei so that some of them are separated from the nucleus

E. The gravity of a star that explodes around the sun and freezes

Answer: B

2. One of the British scientists who stated that on
ancient times close to the sun through a large star and the attraction between the two is . . .

A. Immanuel Kant

B. Pierre Simon Laplace

C. Jeans and Jeffery

D. Moulton

E. Aristotle

Answer: C

3. Divergent plate movement which causes damage
greatly affect life is like the picture below.

about the history of the formation of the earth number 1

Evidence of the continents on the earth’s surface can be proved by . . .

A. The mid-ocean ridge is getting wider

B. The poles are getting wider

C. The shift of magma out of the volcano

D. The existence of ground movement with magma exhalation

E. The ocean floor is getting closer to the surface

Answer: A

4. Statement:

  • 1) The seabed rock is younger than above
  • 2) Formation of Laurasia and Gondwana
  • 3) The occurrence of volcanic earthquakes
  • 4) India continues to push Asia, and
  • 5) The occurrence of tectonic earthquakes

Evidence of plate movement on the earth’s surface is indicated by the number . . .

A. 1,2, and 3

B. 1,3, and 4

C. 1,2, and 5

D. 2,4, and 5

E. 3,4, and 5

Answer: E

5. The continents of Laurasia and Gondwana can be separated by a narrow sea lane called . . .

A. Pangea Sea

B. Panthalassa Sea

C. Laurasia Sea

D. Sea of ​​Gondwana

E. Tethys Sea

Answer: E

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6. The internal heat of the Earth will move upward which causes the plates to move. This current will form a giant knot that will replace the old crust with new crust. These criteria are included in . . .

A. Convection Current

B. Divergent motion

C. Convergent Motion

D. Motion Transform

E. Earth’s Rotation

Answer: A

7. Earth’s rotational movement can cause . . .

A. Daily apparent motion of celestial bodies

B. The annual apparent motion of the sun

C. Star parallax occurs

D. Weather differences

E. Climatic differences

Answer: A

8. How long does it take the sun to travel through the apparent orbit?

A. 23 hours 56 minutes

B. 22 hours 00 minutes

C. 23 hours 00 minutes

D. 24 hours 00 minutes

E. 23 hours 57 minutes

Answer: A

9. A simple experiment conducted using a globe and a flashlight is one of the experiments to explain . . .

A. Alternating day and night

B. Daily pseudo-circulation of celestial bodies

C. Time difference

D. The difference in acceleration due to gravity on the earth’s surface

E. The deflection of the wind direction

Answer: A

10. In summer, the days are longer than the nights, while in winter the opposite is true. It can be concluded that . . .

A. The earth rotates on its axis and revolves around the sun

B. The earth rotates on its axis

C. The earth rotates on its axis and causes the daily apparent rotation of the celestial bodies

D. The earth rotates on its axis and causes the difference in competitiveness and night

E. The earth rotates on its axis and causes a time difference

Answer: A

11 – 24 Multiple Choice History Questions and Answers

11. According to the theory of plate tectonics, plate movement
happened because of…

A. Convection currents in the baripher

B. Confection currents in the asthenosphere

C. Convection currents in the lithosphere

D. Converging currents on the baripher

E. Convergence currents in the asthenosphere

Answer: B

12. The tectonic theory that explains the continents continues to shift is put forward by . . .

A. Nicholas Copernicus

B. Hery Hess

C. Claudius Ptolemy

D Immanuel Kant

E. Wegener

Answer: E

13. The following is the order of the layers of the earth from the inside to the outside of the earth as shown in the picture below. . .

about the history of the formation of earth no-2

A. Lithosphere- Barisphere- Asthenosphere

B. Barisphere- Lithosphere- Asthenosphere

C. Asthenosphere- Barisphere- Lithosphere

D. Lithosphere- Asthenosphere- Barisphere

E. Barisphere- Asthenosphere- Lithosphere

Answer: E

14. The following information is known:

  • Depth 405-750 km
  • Clay and incandescent Temperature 1300°c-1500°

Based on the information above, the layers of the earth with the above characteristics are . . .

A. Lithosphere

B. Asthenosphere

C. Coat

D. Barisfer

E. Core

Answer: B

15. The outermost layer of the earth’s blanket is . . .

A. Lithosphere

B. Asthenosphere

C. Mesosphere

D. Outer core

E. Inner core

Answer: A

16. In ancient times there was only one continent, Pangea. The continents began to break apart due to the movement of tectonic plates. The result of this event is . . .

A. Oceanic and continental plates float independently

B. The stretching of the plates accompanied by the collision of the two edges of the plates

C. Formation of mountain ranges on the ocean floor along where the plates stretch

D. Deep-sea volcanism activity that produces basic lava with a pillow structure and a stretch of dilute lava melt

E. Earthquake activity on the seabed and its surroundings

Answer: A

17. Colliding movements can produce island ranges and mountain ranges such as the Himalayas. It can be concluded that . . .

A. There are striking similarities between the contour lines of the east coast of the continents of North and South America with the contour lines of the west coast of Europe and Africa dan

B. Tectonic plate movements continuously occur and create various changes on the earth’s surface.

C. The Greenland area is moving away from mainland Europe at a speed of 36 meters/year

D. Oceanic and continental plates float independently

E. The earth is shrinking and shrinking due to cooling

Answer: B

18. Earth is thought to have formed around . . . Billion years ago.

A. 3.3


C. 4.9



Answer: B

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19. The Silurian period (440-410 million years ago) belongs to the group of life history. . .

A. The beginning of the world: aquatic life

B. The emergence of reptiles, mammals, and dinosaurs

C. The Coming of Man

D. Permian Period

E. Earth conquest

Answer: E

20. One proof of the existence of a large continent that existed at that time, namely Pangea. This is included in the geological age. . .

A. Pre Cambrian Period

B. Silurian Period

C. Cretaceous Period

D. Cambrian Period

E. Permian Period

Answer: E

21. Geological epoch statement:

  • 1) Pre Cambrian Period
  • 2) Cambrian Period
  • 3) Silurian Period
  • 4) Devont Period
  • 5) Carbon Period

The statement of the geologic period that plays an important role in the history of early life on earth is . . .

A. 1 and 2

B. 1 and 4

C. 1 and 5

D. 1 and 3

E. 2 and 3

Answer: A

22. Broad-leaved plants, reptiles, amphibians and the continent of Pangea began to develop, which split into the continent of Laurasia in the north and the continent of Gondwana in the south. This is a development that occurred over time. . .

A. Cenozoic

B. Mesozoic

C. Paleozoic

D. Proterozoic

E. Quaternary

Answer: B

23. Which of the following includes the inner planets? . .

A. Mercury and Jupiter

B. Jupiter and Venus

C. Saturn and Uranus

D. Mercury and Venus

E. Neptune and Pluto

Answer : D

24. The planet that has the fastest period of revolution compared to its rotation period is . . .

A. Mars

B. Jupiter

C. Mercury

D. Venus

E. Earth

Answer : D


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