10 De Broglie Wavelength Practice Questions and Answers

Examples of De Broglie’s Hypothesis Problems and Solutions – Louis de Broglie is a French scientist who put forward the theory that light can be viewed as a particle that emits a certain wavelength with an equation that became known as a certain wavelength based on the momentum of light or the momentum of a photon.

1 – 10 de Brouglie Wavelength Questions and Answers

1. Find the de Brouglie wavelength of a plate of mass 0.01 kg that has a speed of 10 m/s?


Question No. 1 De Brog lie

2. What is the de Brouglie wavelength of a 0.05 eV(thermal) neutron?


De Brog Lie no 2

3. What is the energy of a proton with a wavelength of 0.5 fm?


About De Brog Lie 3

4. If we want to observe an object measuring , what is the minimum energy of the photons that can be used?


De Brog Lie 4

5. Repeat problem 4 for electrons instead of photons?


De Brog Lie 5

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6. Show that the de Brouglie wavelength of a particle is approximately the same as that of a photon of the same energy, when the energy of the particle is much greater than its rest energy.


De Brog Lie 6

7. Determine the phase velocity of a wave corresponding to a de Brouglie wavelength of


About De Brog Lie 7

8. A neutron beam of 0.083 eV


About De Brog Lie 8

9. A person weighing 60 kg rides a motorcycle at a speed of 60 km/hour, the weight of the motorcycle is 100 kg. What is De Broglie’s wavelength?


About De Brog Lie 9

10. Calculate the deBroglie wavelength of four objects with the following data:

  • A 1000 kg car is moving at 100 m/s (about 200 miles/h).
  • A 10 g bullet is moving with a speed of 500 m/s.


Problem De Brog Lie 10

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